About the Creators

Written by Siri Agrell

Author Siri Agrell has worked in technology, government and media. A well known public speaker, strategic advisor, ideas person and general shit-disturber, Siri came of age before the Internet, but has lived in it ever since. How To Get Laid Without Your Phone is a result of her conversations with young staff about the realities of their dating lives, and reflections on how our reliance on technology has changed the way we interact with one another. 


This book began at The Walrus Talks: Humanity and Technology. Watch Siri’s talk here.

Book Design by Jason Logan and Isabel Tan

Jason is an internationally recognized designer, creative director, author, and artist. His illustrations have appeared in the New York Times and the New Yorker. He is the founder of The Toronto Ink Company and his most recent book MAKE INK: a foragers guide to natural inkmaking was included in The Guardian's Best books of 2018. 

Isabel Tan is a graphic designer based in Toronto, Ontario. She is a graduate of the York University and Sheridan College's Bachelor of Design Honours program. She is on LinkedIn.

Flipbook Illustrations

The flipbook illustrations were created by Jake Tobin Garrett, a writer and illustrator living in Toronto whose work, whether words or drawings, aims to capture a sense of place and whimsy. His work has appeared in the Toronto Star, Maisonneuve, Electric Literature, Spacing, and the Toronto Book Award-nominated essay collection Any Other Way: How Toronto Got Queer. You can find him on Instagram at @jaketobindraws and online at jaketobin.ca.


Store Design

This website was designed by Madeleine Cruickshank. You can find her on LinkedIn


Thanks to Shelley Ambrose, Cailin Cooper, David Leonard and Jessica Johnson of The Walrus for asking me to speak, pushing me to think, and encouraging me to turn my talk into a book. Jason Logan for being my favourite creative co-conspirator. Ian Brown for a snowy walk and talking to me about control. Sarah Boesveld, Iara Rios, Kirsten Mercer and Dave McGinn for their thoughtful reads and advice.  Arati Sharma for insisting it needed to be real. Jake Tobin Garrett for agreeing so eagerly to do something he’d never done before. Isabel Tan for her precision, speed and style. Madeleine Cruickshank for being such a boss builder. Chris Rickett for pointing me to Chris Hamoen and Chris Hamoen for pointing me to Madeleine. Jordana Huber for her eye. Lucas Elke and Type A Print for helping me produce a book in Toronto, during a pandemic. Snow for writing Informer. And Matt Buckman for asking what it used to be like and always being up for anything.